• Spirit of Christmas

    With the ancient Christmas Carol, "Boh Predvichnyj" - "God Eternal", the Ukrainian Christmas period begins (according to the Julian calendar). From January 6th, Christmas Eve, through Epiphany on January 19th, Ukrainians enter one of their most ritualistic, colorful religious and cultural periods.

    We are pleased to share our Ukrainian Christmas traditions and customs - a heritage brought to this country by our parents and a heritage we strive to pass on for generations to come. While customs and rituals differ from nation to nation, the symbolism of the season remains the same for all --   Peace on Earth..Good Will Towards Men.

    We pray that this Holiday and Christmas Season brings you Happiness and Joy - with our warmest wishes to your families for a Joyous, Prosperous and Healthy New Year!

    Khrystos Rodyvsya - Christ is Born!      Slavite Yoho - Glorify Him!

    St. Katherine Ukrainian Orthodox Church Parish Council and Parishioners, Arden Hills, MN

  • Ukrainian Sunday School just started!

    Нещодавно відновила свою роботу українська школа під керівництвом Ванди Багмет. Клас, що налічує 12 дітей збирається щонеділі. Діти вивчають письмо, граматику та практикують розмовну мову.

  • Толока - Toloka

    April 16, 2016 successful work was preformed in and around the church of St. Katherine by members and friends. Thank you all who participated.