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    07. Sunday. Liturgy 10 AM.  Coffee Hour (Greg & Olena Voyevoda $100) 

    Religion class in our church following Liturgy.

    Byzantine Choral Festival at St. Constance UCChurch 5 PM

    14. Sunday.  Liturgy 10 AM.  Protection M.G. Coffee Hour (Nedrega family $50 family annanimus 20) total $70)

    21. Sunday.  Liturgy 10 AM.  Coffee Hour (Lesia & Ihor Hrynyuk $100)

    28. Sunday.  Liturgy 10 AM.  Fundraising Brunch (Korchak family). Litiya for victims of Holodomor in Ukrainian National Home,  Mpl. 1:30 PM


    03. Saturday NALYSNYKY  preparation 10 A.M. Please come and help

    04. Sunday.  Liturgy 10 AM.  Daylight Saving Time End. Coffee Hour (Nella Austin $50). Religion class in our church following Liturgy.

    10. Saturday  Holubtsi, borscht preparation 10 A.M. please come and help.

    11. Sunday.  Liturgy 10 AM.  Fall dinner bake and sale. 

    18. Sunday.  No Liturgy at our Church. St. Michel & George UOC  Patrons Day 10 AM 

    25. Sunday.  Liturgy 10 AM.  Lunch by (Kushneryk family)



    DECEMBER  02. Sunday. Liturgy 10 AM. Coffee Hour (Sheremeta family $100)

    DECEMBER  04. Tuesday.  Liturgy 10 AM.  Entry of Theotokos. 

    DECEMBER  09. Sunday.   Liturgy 10 AM.  St. Katherine Patrons Day.

    DECEMBER  16. Sunday.   Liturgy 10 AM.  St. Nicholas Day Celebration. Program, Coffee Hour “(Lunch by Alla Gordienko).

    DECEMBER  23. Sunday.   Liturgy 10 AM.  Coffee Hour (Lehan family $60)

    DECEMBER  30. Sunday.   Liturgy 10 AM. Coffee Hour (Rouse Family $50)



    If you wish to sponsor any Sunday Coffee Hour (minimum donation $50 for product purchasing) or one time a month Lunch that will support our Church General Fund, please sign up on list by contacting  Fr. Peter Siwko or call 763-754-6618. Your name and donation can be published in “Weekly Bulletin” starting 09/02/18. Thank you for your support.

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    🆕 Support our Church by buying coffee $2, tea $2, cookies $2


  • Ukrainian Sunday School just started!

    Нещодавно відновила свою роботу українська школа під керівництвом Ванди Багмет. Клас, що налічує 12 дітей збирається щонеділі. Діти вивчають письмо, граматику та практикують розмовну мову.

  • Толока - Toloka

    April 16, 2016 successful work was preformed in and around the church of St. Katherine by members and friends. Thank you all who participated.